Connect Buska to Slack

Connect Buska to Slack

Discover how to connect to a Slack chanel.

Discover how to connect to a Slack chanel.

Buska into slack
Buska into slack
Buska into slack

Integrating with Slack enables you to receive real-time notifications whenever your brand is mentioned online, directly in your chosen Slack channel. This guide will walk you through the process step-by-step.


To start, ensure you have the "ultimate" plan on This level of subscription is necessary to access the Slack integration feature.

Step 1: Configuring

Log into your account and head to the settings by navigating to "Notifications and Teams". Here, you'll find an option to "connect to Slack". Click this to initiate the integration process. integration slack

The Easiest and Quickest Solution:

Step 2: Creating a Webhook in Slack

  1. Select a Channel: Choose the Slack channel where you wish to receive notifications.

  2. Navigate to Integrations: Go to the "Integrations" section and click on "Add Automation".

  3. Workflow Creation: Click on "Create a Workflow", select "From a webhook" from the screen that appears. Click on "Configure Variables" and enter your desired variable name. Remember this name, as you'll need to use it later. Click "Finish" and then "Continue". integration slack

Step 3: Setting Up the Notification Message

  1. Add a Message Step: On the right side, click on "Message" followed by "Send a message to a channel" to set up notification delivery to a channel.

  2. Configure the Message: Select the channel where you want the message to be sent. Use the same variable name you configured earlier. After setting this up, click on "Save" and then on "Publish". integration slack

The Other Solution:

Step 2: Creating an app in Slack

  • go to

  • Create a new app

  • add feature: "incoming webhooks"

Congratulations! 🚀🔥

You have successfully set up to send notifications to your selected Slack channel. Now, whenever someone mentions your brand online, you'll receive an alert directly in Slack.

This integration streamlines your monitoring process, ensuring you're always informed about what's being said about your brand without having to constantly check different platforms. integration slack

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Connecting to Slack

Q1: What if I don't see the option to connect to Slack in my settings?

A: Ensure you're subscribed to the "ultimate" plan on, as the Slack integration feature is only available on this plan. If you're already on the ultimate plan and still can't see the option, try refreshing the page or contact support for further assistance.

Q2: How can I change the Slack channel for notifications after setup?

A: If you wish to change the Slack channel where you receive notifications, you'll need to create a new webhook in Slack for the desired channel and then update the integration settings in with the new webhook URL. Remember to disable the previous webhook in Slack to prevent duplicate notifications.

Q3: Can I customize the content of the notifications sent to Slack?

A: Yes, during the workflow creation process in Slack, when you're setting up the message that will be sent to your channel, you can customize the content of the notification. Use the variable you configured to dynamically insert information into the message. Note that the level of customization might be limited by the type of information sends through the webhook and the formatting options available in Slack.


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