How to use social listening for lead generation on linkedin

How to use social listening for lead generation on linkedin

Take your outreach results to the next level by leveraging how to use social listening for lead generation on linkedin

Take your outreach results to the next level by leveraging how to use social listening for lead generation on linkedin

buska finding leads on linkedin
buska finding leads on linkedin
buska finding leads on linkedin

While everyone's busy talking and promoting themselves, the smartest players are quietly leveraging social listening for lead generation on linkedin.

Imagine LinkedIn as a bustling marketplace, filled with potential leads discussing their needs, challenges, and desires.
Now, what if you had the key to decode these conversations, to understand what your audience truly seeks and wants to buy?
That’s where social listening steps in.
By tuning into these discussions, you can tailor your strategies to meet your audience right where they are. Here is how.

Get the good social listening tool

The first step is selecting the right social listening tools. For B2B lead generation, a tool like buska is not optional, it is mandatory to track relevant prospects.
It enables you to track conversations, monitor competitors, and gather insights on industry topics—all crucial for refining your LinkedIn strategy.
You then have several options.

Maximize your reach and engagement

Now, armed with insights, you can choose to engage directly on Linkedin.
This will work particularly well if your target ICP is mostly present on Linkedin.

Optimize your LinkedIn profile.
Make it a lead magnet.

Next, engage directly with the mentions you found with buska.

Found a potential lead discussing a relevant challenge?
Reach out, offer value, and show how you can help with what they’re searching for.

social listening on linkedin

You can also choose to leverage the mentions for your outreach.

Use social listening to boost your outreach

You can use the insights from the mentions and the contact information of the leads you found with buska to contact them in a larger outreach campaign.

Export the contact and the relevant mention to your Outbound automation tool, such as La Growth Machine, and add the lead to a multi-step multichannel outbound sequence.

It is a great way to increase your chances of conversion, by targeting leads with high intent potential.

Automate Social intent for Lead Generation

For outbound automation software users, integrating social listening into your toolset can revolutionize your approach.

Automation coupled with insightful listening significantly improves your ability to engage with prospects at scale, without losing that personal touch that makes LinkedIn such a powerful platform.

Using the API of a tool like buska, you can retrieve relevant mentions from Linkedin and integrate them easily in your existing outbound automated workflow.
And push these highly targeted leads into your outreach sequences automatically.

Your best Practices:

Apply these rules to make the best out of social listening on Linkedin:

  • Monitor regularly relevant keywords.
    Don't hesitate to iterate and A/B test different options to find the keywords most used by your ICP.

  • Focus on pain points and industry topics.
    Target people who discuss the pain points that YOU can solve with your product.

  • Stay ahead of the competition.
    Track unsatisfied users of your competition, or people looking for alternatives.

The key to social listening for lead generation on Linkedin is to put yourself in the shoes of your ICP.
What would they look for online, what would they discuss with their network, what are the keywords that are the most relevant to them…

Your Next Steps

  1. Select a Social Listening Tool:
    Begin by choosing a tool like buska to suit your specific needs.

  2. Engage with Insights:
    Use the insights you gather to inform your engagement strategies, personalizing your outreach to address the identified needs.

  3. Monitor and Adjust:
    Remember, social listening is a dynamic process.
    Keep monitoring, refine your approach based on new insights, and always aim to stay ahead of the curve.

Wrapping Up

Social listening for Lead generation on Linkedin is your new secret weapon.
Show up in the right place, at the right time, with the right message.
Boost your engagement online and target the most suited leads for your solution.
Maximize your chances of conversion with buska.


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