Lead generation for Marketing Agencies

Lead generation for Marketing Agencies

How to use buska to find more qualified leads for your marketing agency

How to use buska to find more qualified leads for your marketing agency


Marketing agencies are always on the lookout for efficient and effective ways to generate a consistent flow of qualified leads. Although traditional methods such as cold calling, email marketing, and paid advertising can produce results, they often come at the cost of significant time and financial investment. While automation tools can help streamline outreach efforts, they require a certain level of expertise to be truly effective.

This is where buska comes in - your "social intent" tool that provides marketing agencies with a simple yet powerful solution for identifying and connecting with potential clients who are actively seeking marketing services. By leveraging Buska's advanced algorithms and vast social media data, agencies can pinpoint high-quality leads with precision, saving valuable time and resources in the process.

What is Buska.io?

buska is a "social intent signals" platform that monitors online mentions of specific keywords across social media channels and the web, in real-time. For lead generation purposes, it identifies the most relevant leads that match the intent you specify.

By using buska, marketing agencies can pinpoint potential clients who are expressing a need for their services.

How to Find Qualified Leads

Track the Right Keywords

The first step in using buska for lead generation is to determine pertinent keywords that your ideal customers employ when conversing about their requirement for lead generation services.

  • "brand strategy help"

  • "need marketing advice"

  • "looking for a marketing agency"

  • "digital marketing services"

  • "content marketing strategy"

  • "SEO optimization"

  • "PPC campaigns"

  • "email marketing best practices"

  • "marketing automation tools"

Dedicate effort to examining the challenges and demands your agency tackles and what your prospective clients are deliberating online. If you focus on a particular niche, aim for industry-specific keywords or terminology.

After you've included your keywords, buska will monitor every reference to them across all platforms and the internet, from LinkedIn posts to tweet remarks, Reddit inquiries, or blog posts, assisting you in discovering every lead discussing the issues you resolve.

Be the First to Know

Timing is critical when building business relationships. You need to track the right people at the right time.

Once you targeted your keywords, set up real-time alerts. buska will monitor social media platforms continuously for mentions, and notify you whenever relevant one are detected.

You can set up Slack or Discord notifications and receive alerts directly.

🎁 Bonus: LeadGen Feature

One of buska"s new features is the upcoming LeadGen feature, which leverages artificial intelligence to sift through all the targeted mentions to identify the leads with the highest potential for conversion.

By analyzing the context and underlying intent behind each mention of your targeted keywords, our algorithms do the heavy lifting for you, eliminating the need to manually sort through mentions.

This filtering system ensures that you only see the most pertinent leads for outreach.

Engage with Qualified Leads

Practice Timely Outreach

When buska finds a mention from a potential lead, your marketing agency can promptly reach out and showcase your services.

By engaging with prospects at the right time, you can demonstrate your expertise, build trust, and increase your chances of converting them into a paying client.

Give Personalized Pitches

Craft personalized pitches that address each lead's specific needs and pain points you identified.

By demonstrating an understanding of the client's requirements and sharing your tailored solution, you can differentiate from competitors and build stronger relationships with your clients.

How to Engage

Once buska identifies relevant mentions, you can engage in two ways:

  1. Direct reply:

    Reply to the lead directly on the mention, engaging with them at the source. This is particularly useful for raising public awareness of your offers and quickly engaging with leads online (e.g., commenting on a LinkedIn post or replying to a tweet mentioning the need for your services).

  2. Automated Outreach:

    Contact leads who showed social intent through an outreach sequence, using the mention as a trigger.

    With our upcoming LeadGen feature, select relevant leads, export them as a CSV file, and use an outbound automation tool like La Growth Machine for multichannel campaigns, or Clay to import and enrich the leads with their email, full name, company name, etc.

    Then, send them a personalized email or DM.

Use Buska.io for Your Clients

As a marketing agency, you can use buska to provide additional value to your clients by:

  1. Identifying content ideas:

    Track industry-related keywords to engage one popular topics, FAQs, and pain points that your client can address through content marketing.

  2. Monitoring competitor marketing strategies:

    Analyze competitor mentions to gain insights into their strategies, campaigns, and audience reception, helping your agency develop a more effective marketing plan for your client.

  3. Identifying influencer partnership opportunities:

    Find industry influencers and thought leaders who are actively discussing relevant topics, helping your client establish valuable relationships and collaborate on marketing initiatives.

  4. Measuring brand sentiment:

    Monitor your client's brand mentions to gauge target audience perception and identify areas for improvement in marketing and branding efforts.

  5. Identifying customer pain points:

    Track mentions of your client's products or services, focusing on customer feedback and complaints, to help your client improve their offerings and create targeted marketing campaigns that address these pain points.

By using buska to support your clients' marketing needs, your agency can deliver more comprehensive and data-driven services, fostering long-lasting partnerships and demonstrating your expertise and commitment to their success.

Why use buska for Lead Generation

  1. Save time:

    By automating the lead generation process, buska enables marketing agencies to save countless hours that would otherwise be spent manually searching for potential clients.

    Simply add your keywords, and Buska.io will handle the work for you.

  2. Engage better:

    With our real-time mention monitoring, you can engage with the right people at the right time, building trust and stronger business relationships.

    You'll appear as a providential help for your ideal prospects.

  3. Gain a competitive advantage:

    This new lead generation channel will help you identify and engage with potential clients before other agencies even become aware of the opportunity.

    It will also give you an edge in helping your clients find more qualified leads and get a comprehensive view of their own clients' needs and online conversations.


Marketing agencies that adopt innovative lead generation strategies will stay ahead of the and build strong businesses.

By leveraging buska's social intent tracking capabilities, you can streamline your lead generation efforts and focus on delivering results for your clients.


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