Lead Generation for Accounting Firms

Lead Generation for Accounting Firms

How your Accounting Firm Can Boost Lead Generation Using Buska

How your Accounting Firm Can Boost Lead Generation Using Buska


Generating high-quality leads is essential for accounting firms to excel in a competitive market.

While traditional lead generation methods like content marketing, paid advertisements, and cold outreach are effective, they are often time-consuming and resource-intensive.

They also demand a thorough understanding of your target audience and the good messaging skills.

Enter Buska ! By leveraging advanced social listening capabilities, we assist accounting firms in identifying and connecting with potential clients who are actively seeking their services.

With our technology, you can identify high-value leads, save time and resources while significantly boosting your lead generation efforts.

What is Buska.io?

It is a “social intent signals” platform that scouts social media and the web for mentions of specific keywords in real-time.

When it comes to lead generation, it identifies the most relevant leads that match your specified intent.

Your accounting firm can now easily and quickly find potential clients who are expressing a need for your services.

How to Find Qualified Leads

Track the “key” Keywords

To start your lead generation journey with Buska, identify the keywords your ideal clients use when discussing their need for accounting services.

Think about phrases like:

• “hire an accountant”

• “looking for an accountant”

• “help with tax preparation”

• “bookkeeping services”

• “CPA for small business”

• “financial planning”

• “accounting assistance”

• “quickbooks expert”

Analyze the challenges your firm addresses and the online conversations your potential clients are having.

If you serve a specific industry, include niche-specific keywords or terminology.

Once you’ve selected your keywords, we will monitor every reference to them across all platforms and the internet, from LinkedIn posts to tweets, Reddit or Quora inquiries, or blog articles, helping you discover every lead who is discussing the issues you can resolve.

Be the First to Know

Timing is crucial when you build business relationships.

You need to reach the right people at the right time.

After identifying your target keywords, add them into Buska and set up real-time alerts.

The platform will continuously monitor social media and the web for mentions of these keywords, notifying you whenever relevant mentions appear.

Stay informed by setting up notifications in Slack, Discord, or email.

🎁 Bonus: Use the Social Inbox

Our new Social Inbox feature uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze mentions, focusing on the context and intent behind each keyword.

Simply specify the intent to track for your keyword:

(For example, if you track “QuickBooks,” add the intent “I want to find people who talk about needing help with QuickBooks.”)

By analyzing the context and underlying intent behind each mention of your targeted keywords, our AI algorithms do the heavy lifting for you, eliminating the need to manually sort through mentions.

Connect and Engage with Qualified Leads

Act Quickly

When Buska identifies a potential lead, your accounting firm team should respond promptly, showcasing your services and expertise.

By engaging with leads at the right moment, you can build trust, demonstrate your value.

This will significantly increase the chances of converting the lead into a paying customer.

Customize Your Pitch

Create highly personalized pitches that address the specific needs and challenges expressed by each lead.

By showing a deep understanding of their requirements and offering a tailored solution, you can differentiate your accounting firm from competitors and build stronger relationships with potential clients.

How to Engage Effectively

Once Buska identifies relevant mentions, you can engage in two ways:

  • Direct Reply:

Click the “Reply” button under the mention and interact with the lead directly on the platform where the mention originated.

This approach is particularly useful for generating public awareness of your services and quickly connecting with leads online. (e.g., commenting on a LinkedIn post or replying to a tweet mentioning the need for your services).

  • Automated Outreach:

Reach out to leads who showed social intent through an outreach sequence, using the mention as a trigger.

Use our Social Inbox to export high-potential leads as a CSV file and use an outbound automation tool like LaGrowthMachine or Clay to import and enrich the leads with their email, full name, company name, etc.

Then, send them a personalized email or direct message.

Bonus Tip: Spy on Your Competition 👀

In addition to tracking service-related keywords, your accounting firm can use Buska to monitor mentions of your competitors.

By identifying clients who are expressing dissatisfaction with a competitor’s service, you can strategically position your firm as a better alternative and attract new business.

🎁 Use the Social Inbox to display only mentions of people who complain about your competitor!

Why Use Buska for Lead Generation?

Save Time:

Our automated lead generation process will save accounting firms valuable hours that would otherwise be spent manually searching for potential clients.

Engage Better:

With real-time mention monitoring and the Social Inbox’s AI-powered filtering, you can connect with the right leads at the ideal time, building trust and establishing strong business relationships.

Gain a Competitive Advantage:

This innovative lead generation channel allows you to identify and engage with potential clients before your competitors.

Get a significant edge in the market and show you care.


Accounting firms that adopt innovative lead generation strategies will outpace the competition and achieve remarkable growth.

By leveraging the social listening capabilities of Buska, you can optimize your lead generation efforts, connect with high-value prospects, and focus on delivering exceptional services to your clients.


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