How to Connect to Discord

How to Connect to Discord

Discover how to connect to a Discord chanel. Receive real-time Discord notifications when your brand is mentioned online.

Discover how to connect to a Discord chanel. Receive real-time Discord notifications when your brand is mentioned online.

Discord integrated into
Discord integrated into
Discord integrated into

Welcome to our guide on integrating with Discord! is a powerful tool for monitoring online mentions, and by connecting it to Discord, you can receive instant notifications in your preferred channel. This guide will walk you through the steps to set up this integration, ensuring you don't miss important alerts.


Before we begin, it's essential to have an "ultimate" plan on This plan enables the Discord integration feature, among other benefits. If you're not on the ultimate plan yet, please upgrade through your account settings on the website or click here.

Step 1: Accessing Settings

First, log into your account. Navigate to "Settings" and then to "Notifications and Team". Here, you'll see an option to "connect a Discord". Click on this to start the integration process.

Step 2: Preparing the Integration Link

After clicking "connect a Discord", keep the page open. You'll need to copy the webhook URL from Discord and paste it here later.

Step 3: Selecting the Discord Channel

Now, switch to your Discord application. Choose the channel where you'd like to receive notifications.

Step 4: Creating a Webhook

Right-click on the chosen channel, select "Edit Channel", navigate to the "Integrations" tab, and click "Create a webhook". Give your webhook a name and copy the URL provided.

Step 5: Customizing the Webhook (Optional)

Optionally, you can customize the webhook's name and profile picture to make it easily identifiable. This step is done directly within Discord's webhook settings.

Step 6: Entering the Webhook URL on

Return to the tab where you left off and paste the copied webhook URL into the designated field. Click "save" to complete the integration process.

🔥🚀Congratulations! You've successfully connected to your Discord channel. Now, every time there's a new mention that detects, you'll receive a notification directly on Discord. This integration ensures you stay updated without constantly checking

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: Can I connect to multiple Discord channels?
A: No, actually, you can't create separate webhooks for different channels.

Q: What if I don't see the "connect a Discord" option in
A: Ensure you're subscribed to the ultimate plan on If the issue persists, contact support for assistance.

Q: How can I disable Discord notifications from
A: To disable notifications, go to the "Notifications and Team" settings in and disconnect the Discord integration. Alternatively, delete the webhook in Discord settings.


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